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Bob Brown Endorses The Orangutan Project

The destruction of the of the orangutan's rainforest is not only driving the extinction of the orangutans, but is also is a major contributor to global warming, the loss of biodiversity, the violation of the rights of indigenous communities and destruction of key environmental services needed for both quality of life of local communities and long-term sustainability. I fully support The Orangutan Project's work with effective on the ground actions to save the orangutan and its habitat.





Gary Shapiro Supports The Orangutan Project

Of all the orangutan support organisations that have emerged around the world over the past several decades, TOP is perhaps the most effective in raising and targeting resources to where they are needed in protecting both orangutans and their rain forest habitat. TOP commits funds to programs and projects run locally by Indonesians in Borneo and Sumatra. At the same time, TOP's leadership is out front working with experts in the field to support and improve orangutan care centers, reintroduction programs, orangutan habitat protection, village education programs and ecotourism. TOP has been making a major positive impact in mitigating both the immediate threats and providing for long term solutions to orangutan conservation. The Orang Utan Republik Foundation is proud to have TOP as its most sustained supporter in the Orangutan Caring Scholarship program and the Mobile Education and Conservation Unit (MECU) program. I trust TOP's commitment to a multi-pronged approach to orangutan and rain forest conservation as well as the professional administration of its programs.

Gary Shapiro, Ph.D., President

Orang Utan Republik Foundation


Philip Wollen Endorses The Orangutan Project

The word “orang-utan” comes from the Malay source meaning “person who lives in the jungle”.

These animals are more than a collective biology. Each has an individual biography. Their rights and interests deserve our full attention and respect. Any human being who has had any contact with these magnificent, sentient beings would recoil in horror at seeing their tragic plight today.

The Orangutan Project is dedicated to protecting these astonishing animals against great odds and vested interests.

Please do all you can to help these animals.

Before it is too late.


Philip Wollen

The Kindness Trust 

Marc Ancrenaz: Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme (KOCP)

TOP has been supporting the KOCP for more than ten years. Such a commitment on the long-term is essential to achieve tangible and positive conservation results in the field. The crisis faced by tropical forests and biodiversity is a global concern and needs the urgent attention of everyone. Identifying and implementing solutions is an arduous task that is made possible through the support of organizations like TOP. We, at KOCP, are very proud to be able to work hand in hand with TOP to make people more aware and more concerned about the fate of the orangutan and of its forest habitat.

Hardi Baktiantoro: Centre for Orangutan Protection

TOP is probably the best organized conservation group I have worked with. I have learnt much from TOP and have adopted some of their practices including financial management and organizing public support into real action. I am very proud to be a partner with TOP in the front lin

Karmele Llano Sanchez: International Animal Rescue (IAR)

Prior to the existence of IAR in West Kalimantan, there was no Orangutan rehabilitation centre in Ketapang. Thanks to the financial and technical support provided by TOP, a rescue and rehabilitation centre has now been built and dozens of orangutans have been rescued in the province. As the orangutan habitat is being replaced by oil palm monocultures and mining, orangutans are often forced to enter human settlements and farms. This interface between orangutans and humans is on the rise and very often ends with the killing of the orangutans when orangutans damage and eat the villagers’ crops. TOP also funds a newly formed Orangutan Rescue Unit  in Ketapang. This unit is crucial to finding solutions for conflict mitigation between orangutans and people and to ensure that people and orangutans can live peacefully in the same environment. TOP's contribution is of paramount important for the conservation efforts to save orangutans in Kalimantan.

Dave Dellatore: Sumatran Orangutan Society

The Orangutan Project has been a regular supporter of the Sumatran Orangutan Society / Orangutan Information Centre and our varied conservation projects throughout northern Sumatra since 2008.  Supported projects include ecotourism development initiatives, protected forest adjacent community development programmes and most recently, providing more general programme support for our office. This includes the procurement of a conservation drone ( for field survey work that will aid amongst our other programmes, in particular our Gunung Leuser National Park Restoration and Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit initiatives.  We greatly respect the Orangutan Project and their dedicated staff, who through their tireless work have consistently enabled us to be able to accomplish more on the ground here in Sumatra for the orangutans and their rainforest homes.


Jane Goodall

Through my role as a GRASP Ambassador I have had the privilege to work alongside The Orangutan Project, a fellow like-minded great ape conservation organisation. I would encourage anyone who wishes to see real and measurable on the ground results for orangutans to support The Orangutan Project.

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE
Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace





Rodney Clarke (on behalf of Daniel, William and the entire Clarke family)

My family and I have had a close association with The Orangutan Project (TOP) for many years, in our own efforts to help the survival of orangutans. I have felt so strongly for the amazing work that TOP perform that, when time permitted, I joined the TOP Committee and helped with business development.

From our long standing and continued relationship with TOP, and understanding their capabilities to make tangible differences in the saving the orangutan, we can whole-heartedly endorse and support The Orangutan Project’s efforts for cost effective on-the-ground efforts to save orangutans.