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Source Responsibly

Palm oil is a hidden ingredient in food products. You have the right to know if palm oil is contained in the products you buy because of the environmental and social impacts of its production.

  • Sneaky labeling makes it difficult for Aussie consumers to identify palm oil in supermarket products.
  • It is found in over half packaged food products in supermarkets such as chocolate, biscuits, cereals, margarine, soup, crisps and ice cream.
  • Many concerned community members like your self have tried to get palm oil labelled.
  • But every time we get close the Australian government caves to pressure from the Malaysian palm oil industry.
  • Now we don’t have the choice to know whether we’re eating palm oil or not

Together we can make a difference.

Contact your local representative today and ask that palm oil be labelled on Aussie supermarket shelves - You are more powerful than you think! Send an email expressing your concern today.

Want to do that little bit more? Pick up the phone, simply calling to state your name, where you live and your concern is worth 1,000 emails! ...but, you should also...

Email our target companies - Kellogs and Snackbrands - using the form below and we’ll send them to following email:

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Earning my dollars comes with earning my trust.

It concerns me greatly that your company cannot guarantee that the palm oil you are using is not connected to deforestation, human rights violations, child and forced labor, increased climate emissions, and the plight of endangered species like the orangutan.

Orangutans are being displaced across Borneo and Sumatra as expanding palm oil plantations destroy their habitat. Many orphan orangutans are illegally kept in cages in terrible conditions. The Orangutan Project’s orangutan rescue units are under pressure to rescue these displaced orangutans, giving them their only chance at rehabilitation.

The time for bold action has arrived. Your company must demand responsible palm oil from its suppliers.

I encourage you to secure a new global responsible palm oil procurement policy and implementation plan that ensures that the palm oil in your company’s supply chain is fully traceable, legally grown, and sourced from verified responsible palm oil producers not associated with deforestation, expansion onto carbon-rich peatlands or human and labor rights violations.

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