After 20 million years the Sumatran orangutan is now on the edge of extinction due to logging of its jungle home. In the last 20 years 80% of the orangutan’s habitat has been destroyed, primarily by palm oil companies.

Today fewer than 6,300 Sumatran orangutans survive in the jungle, yet the Indonesian President is seriously considering changing the law, through the Aceh Spatial Plan, to make it even easier for palm oil companies to destroy their last remaining habitat.

If the plan goes ahead we could lose 2.6 million hectares or almost 5 million football fields of pristine rainforest.

As the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo has the power to step in and protect the orangutan from extinction. We must act now to make sure he cancels the proposed spatial planning law that will enable greedy palm oil conglomerates to destroy the last remaining forests of Sumatra.

Although the orangutan is fast approaching the point of no return, there is still time to act.

Join us to give the Sumatran orangutan a fighting chance.

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