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Join Orangutan Odysseys' Orangutan Fundraiser - April 2016


There really is nothing like giving back. In this specially crafted expedition you will visit the habitat of the great orangutan and at the same time help protect the environment for generations to come. You will be joined on this tour by TOP President Leif Cocks and NZ celebrity and host of 'Good Morning' (TV One) Jeanette Thomas. This promises to be a most memorable and rewarding experience for all. Don’t miss out, find out more and book your spot today
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Catalano's Seafood


The Orangutan Project would like to thank Tania, Donna, Lara & Linda from Catalano’s Seafood at Karrinyup Shopping Centre for supporting us by having our donation tin on their counter. 

Please contact marion at if you would like to display a donation box in your business or know of a business/area that you think would love to support the orangutans!!
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Ganteng now calls the jungle home


TOP is delighted to share the fantastic news that Ganteng is now living in the wild at the Jantho release site! 

Ganteng was released early in 2015 with his mother and sister however sadly, he was left behind in the forest and had to be returned to the pre-release cage. Ganteng’s journey back to the jungle can be read here - an amazing piece written by TOP board member Jess McKelson. Jess and other Jantho staff, have spent months training Ganteng so he now has the confidence to live in the forest. Other orangutans also played a key role in Ganteng’s rehabilitation and learning.

Thank you so much to all of our adopters who make stories like this possible. Well done to Ganteng on making such amazing progress. (Photo: Jess McKelson). 
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Will you be my Valentine?


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For a meaningful gift for that someone special, why not adopt one of our orphaned orangutans. Funds from adoptions go towards their rehabilitation so you will be sharing the love on Valentine’s Day.

You can adopt one of the cheeky orphans here.  
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Get involved this Orangutan Caring Week – 8th-15th November


This year’s theme is ‘Working together toward sustainable solutions.’ What better time to demonstrate that you are prepared to help create positive change for orangutans? There are so many ways in which YOU can help: here’s a great list of Fundraising ideas, you could attend a local event, become a TOP volunteer or even adopt an orphan orangutan.

Or, why not see and experience first-hand the challenges and achievements in orangutan conservation by joining Leif Cocks on an adventure of a lifetime to see the orangutans in their natural habitat? Our friends at Orangutan Odysseys will be donating 5% from all tours (except Trans Borneo Challenge) to TOP during Orangutan Caring Week. Contact Orangutan Odysseys to find out more about this exciting opportunity!

Please, show your support during Orangutan Caring Week.
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A huge thank you to you, our valued supporters


The Orangutan Project has been absolutely overwhelmed by the support shown for our recent appeal to help us protect the forest of the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem in Sumatra. Over $60,000 has been raised to help us protect the two concessions we are now leasing outside the BTP National Park. This is prime habitat for orangutans, tigers and elephants.
Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this appeal. These funds will make a real difference to habitat protection.
We now have security teams in the field that are telling encroachers that they are on this land illegally and must move on. Further security team members are being trained up so we can increase our presence in the area.
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Goodwill Wine


Do you love orangutans? Do you love drinking wine? Well now you can help orangutans by drinking wine!

Goodwill Wine will give 50% of the profit sold on the listed bottles of wine at this link to TOP. Now we think that is a good reason to open a bottle.
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Reaching for the Canopy


In exciting news, ‘Reaching for the Canopy’ is now available to buy from The Orangutan Project shop. This book tells the remarkable story of Temara, the world’s first ever zoo-born orangutan to be released into the wild.

Author, Kylie Bullo says “Temara had done her species proud and proven that captive orangutans do have a place in the jungle of tomorrow. I felt honoured that I was by her side during the first part of her remarkable world-first journey.”

Kylie is the Conservation Project Manager for The Orangutan Project and a senior orangutan keeper at Perth Zoo. She tells of the months spent in the Sumatran jungle, helping Temara adapt to her new jungle life. The crisis facing orangutans and the conservation efforts being made by The Orangutan Project to save them are also highlighted in this engaging and powerful story.
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To our New Zealand supporters - Recycle for Orangutans


New NZ volunteer and supporter Grace Zanchi discovered The Orangutan Project (TOP) and their partnership in the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme when she started volunteering work at Auckland Zoo at the beginning of the year. Grace said ”Seeing the orangutans and talking to visitors about these beautiful, intelligent and very threatened primates, began her investigations to look further into the damage that rainforest destruction and replacement with unsustainable land-uses such as palm oil plantations cause to their habitat and to the rest of our world”.

Now finalist in the “Miss Auckland” competition she is hoping to create further awareness for the wonderful conservation projects and orangutan protection work that both these charities are involved in. One is helping little Gokong and other orphaned orangutans in giving them a fresh and healthy start through their time at rehabilitation centres. Grace has sponsored little Gokong, who is just one of the many orangutans who get separated from their parents to be sold. Gokong was snatched from his mother after witnessing her brutal torture and then sold by a fisherman for just $10AU to a Palm Oil plantation worker who then kept Gokong locked in his house suffering from severe malnutrition. Gokong was rescued and is now at the Quarantine Centre run by SOCP and financially supported by TOP, gaining strength and learning from his inmates the forest skills required for when he gets released. Grace is holding a fundraiser on the 6th September at the Howick RSA and is looking for good quality donations of clothes to sell with all proceeds going to orangutan conservation!

Please support Grace by donating or going along and buying something for your wardrobe. Contact Grace on 02 11551452 or for further details.
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Roll up, roll up…… Perth Zoo Royal show volunteers needed


Are you keen to help save orangutans and have fun at the same time? If so then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

TOP will be running a stall for the first time ever at the Perth Royal Show! This will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to raise funds and awareness for orangutans who are facing extinction. The Royal Show runs from 26 September – 3 October. If you can donate a few hours of your time or even a whole day to help run our stall we would greatly appreciate it.

Please email Rebecca at if you can help. (Photo: Thomas Burns)
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Illegal wildlife trader arrested


In recent news from the field: An illegal wildlife trader has been busted!

An illegal wildlife trader who has been selling protected species online was arrested on 1 August in East Aceh. The rescue team consisted of BKSDA Aceh, Aceh police, Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) and Orangutan Information Centre (OIC). The trader was found in possession of three infant orangutans, two eagles, a great argus and clouded leopard. This was the biggest raid and capture ever made in Aceh by a rescue team dedicated to ensuring the survival of endangered species in the Leuser ecosystem. Well done to all involved.
One can only imagine the horror that these innocent animals have endured.

TOP will provide $70,000 to COP in 2015-2016 to help fund rescues such as this.
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The perfect last minute gift idea for Dad


With Father’s Day fast approaching, we have the ideal solution to any last minute gift quandaries. Send Dad one of our TOP eCards, which start at just $25. You can choose between helping to feed 30 orphan orangutans for a month, helping to buy medicine for an orangutan for a whole year or sponsor an orphaned orangutan’s care and rehabilitation.

Surely that has to be a better option than the usual socks or cufflinks?
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International Orangutan Day is coming - August 19th 2015


Compassion, Protection and Freedom for Orangutans. That’s a dream we share.

In the lead up to the big day, be sure to check in with us regularly on Facebook & Twitter to find out about a special way in which we can work together to realise our dream and make a real difference.

Stay tuned!
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Ecochick Adventures: The Trans Borneo Challenge premieres on The Nine Network


As participants of the 2015 Trans Borneo Challenge (TBC) prepare for their departure to Borneo on August 19th, TOP is excited to announce that a documentary about the 2014 TBC adventure will premiere on the Nine Network. Airing on Channel 9 on Saturday 15th August at 3:00pm with an encore on GEM on August 19 at 3:30pm, the Ecochick Adventures: The Trans Borneo Challenge is hosted and produced by TOP Ambassador, conservationist and TV presenter, Lara Shannon.

With a shared passion and determination to help save one of our closest living relatives from extinction, Lara joined with 5 other women on the 25-day, 900km journey across Indonesia Borneo. The film captures the women as they navigate through dense jungles, climb the Müller Mountain Range and cross ford-flooded rivers as they battle the elements and an unforgiving landscape, and encourages viewers to support the work of TOP

The Ecochick Adventures: Trans Borneo Challenge provides an insight into the life and challenges experienced by both the human and animal inhabitants of Borneo, and shows that through a strong desire and commitment to making a difference - anything is possible. You can check out the film’s trailer here  Show your support and learn more about the Trans Borneo Challenge by tuning in to Channel 9 and GEM when the film airs.
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A heartfelt thank you on behalf of TOP & Bujing


We would like to express our gratitude to all who donated to our recent appeal. TOP could not fund the vital projects that we do without your help. This financial year, we will be sending $80,000 to the rescue centre where Bujing lives to help care for him and the many other orangutans that are undergoing rehabilitation. We will also send $70,000 to fund the Orangutan rescue team in West Kalimantan so others like Bujing can be saved from a life of misery.

We are so thrilled to report that Bujing is progressing well. At first Bujing was rather shy and was a bit scared of the other orangutans. However he has come a long way and now likes to hang out with his mates named Mack, Sigit and Ugang. They like to explore their forest surroundings and the keepers are kept very busy keeping track of them. He has started to build nests in the forest and is climbing in the trees. Bujing also likes to test the stability of the equipment and enrichment items at the rescue centre.

After being chained up for years and basically starved, it is the simple things in life that now bring contentment to Bujing including a comfortable bed and nutritious food including one of his favourties- bananas. Bujing is still provided with vitamins on a daily basis to help him return to good health after years of neglect.
It’s not too late to donate to help Bujing, and other orangutans like him currently in desperate need. 
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Rocky graduates to Forest School


We have received some great news from the IAR Care Centre in West Kalimantan. Cheeky Rocky, who is a member of our adoption programme, has graduated from baby school into forest school! Rocky was rescued in 2012 when he was about one year old. When he arrived he was extremely malnourished and had very little hair. He was also severely traumatised and needed encouragement just to eat and drink. The IAR staff worked hard to build up Rocky’s strength and teach him all of the basic skills he needed in baby school. Rocky was foraging well and had become dominant in his baby school class so he was ready to graduate and move to forest school.

Rocky is now doing really well in forest school and has made lots of new friends - it is amazing to see how far he has come and we are so proud of all his achievements. One of Rocky’s closest friends, Rickina, will stay in baby school for a while longer so she can grow in size and confidence and they are sure to be reunited soon.
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OURF Caring Scholarships


TOP is proud to have funded seven Orangutan Caring Scholarships in 2014-2015. This programme awards talented Indonesian students in Sumatra with tuition funding. This allows them to attend postgraduate programmes in Forestry and Biology and become advocates for orangutan conservation when entering the workforce.

This photo shows the recipients and professors on the selection panel for the Sumatran Orangutan Caring Scholarships for 2015. Well done and it is great to see more people joining in the fight to save orangutans.
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A new outdoor playground


Things are certainly happening at the Batu Mbelin orangutan quarantine centre in North Sumatra. The new outdoor playground for the young orangutans has just been completed. The infant orangutans have been exploring their new outdoor play area and building nests on platforms with the staff.

Thanks to all of the passionate and hard-working staff at the centre for looking after the orphaned and confiscated orangutans.
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Thanks so much for helping to save the incredible Sumatran orangutan


Over the past few months 12,000 people from all over the world have told the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, they will not stand for further destruction of the Sumatran rainforest through the passing of the Aceh Spatial Plan. If passed the Sumatran orangutans’ last jungle home will be lost forever. Not on our watch. We’ve come a long way but the Aceh Spatial Plan is still under consideration. In the next 24 hours we want to send Joko Widodo a blast of 10,000 emails to show him we mean business.

Can you help? All you need to do is get one person to sign this petition. Together we will make sure the magnificent Sumatran orangutans’ last wild home is protected.

Photo: Jess McKelson at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project
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The 2014 | 2015 Entertainment™ Membership expires 1 June - order your new copy now!


If you haven't already purchased a new 2015 | 2016 Entertainment™ Membership, now is the time to do so. Plus, 20% of every Membership we sell contributes toward our fundraising! For just $65, you will receive over $20,000 worth of valuable offers in the new edition. Take a look at the many offers available here.

Use just a few of the hundreds of 50% off and 2-for-1 offers, and you'll more than cover the cost. You will also receive additional Member-only benefits until 1 June 2016! Order from us today!
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Introducing the International Tiger Project


We are excited to announce the launch of The International Tiger Project (ITP) run by The Orangutan Project. The project aims at ensuring a viable population of Sumatran tigers in their natural habitats by undertaking genuine, measurable and effective tiger conservation. The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered and there are as little as 300 left in the wild. By adopting a tiger, supporting our habitat protection program, or providing a regular donation, you can make a world of difference to the survival and future of these beautiful creatures. Extinction is likely for the Sumatran tiger is likely if we do not take immediate action.
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Palm oil labelling in Australia


Palm oil is the number one cause of deforestation in South East Asia. Yet did you know that palm oil doesn't even have to be labelled in Australia?  This month, our political representatives will decide whether we have the right to know what is in the food we eat or not. Tell our Government you want to be able to make the choice to purchase palm oil free next time you do your shopping. Visit Unmask Palm Oil to take action today.
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Sabangau nest surveys


TOP has supported the protection of the precious Sabangau ecosystem in Kalimantan for many years. We also provide funding to support research done in this area including orangutan population density surveys. Recent orangutan population surveys were undertaken earlier this year. This is done by nest spotting using standard line-transect techniques. The total number of orangutan nests seen in February and March were 369 and 324. This indicated a relatively stable orangutan population in the area.

OuTrop has been monitoring orangutan nests for 15 years and this important task is carried out by OuTrop’s most experienced field staff. Much training is required to become an expert nest spotter. This photo taken by Bernat Rippol shows that orangutan nest investigations also require a good level of fitness! Orangutan hair samples can be taken from nests for identification and other research.
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Camp Rasak baby update


In February we shared with you the exciting news that a new little orange bundle had been born at Camp Rasak in Central Kalimantan to female Acui. Acui is one of the dominant females in this area and she also has a daughter named Amina. Acui’s new baby boy was born on 23 January, 2015 and he has been named Ariel. Acui was followed for ten days after staff confirmed that she had given birth to make sure everything was going well and that the infant was strong and healthy. All three orangutans have recently been seen around camp and all are healthy and active. It is fantastic that Amina has the opportunity to observe and learn how to raise a baby by watching her experienced mother. This will assist her greatly when she has her own offspring in the future.

TOP fully funds the running costs of Camp Rasak in the Lamandau Reserve so it is wonderful to see that the orangutans are flourishing in this location.
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Wildlife Protection Units


The Wildlife Protection Units are always hard at work patrolling the Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP) ecosystem. These brave teams search for and investigate illegal activities within the area including encroachment, illegal logging and poaching. They are also heavily involved with wildlife monitoring and are experts at detecting the presence of various species including tiger, orangutan, elephant and tapir.

The members of the Wildlife Protection Units work in very tough conditions and have to make their way through all sorts of rugged terrain. Some areas are only accessible on foot or on off-road motorbikes. The Orangutan Project funds the Wildlife Protection Units to help protect the diverse wildlife in the BTP ecosystem. This includes over 150 critically endangered Sumatran orangutans that have been released into this forest.
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Thank you on behalf of the orangutans


Thanks to all of you who helped to save the Sumatran orangutans’ last jungle home. In the last 2 weeks, more than 11,000 people have urged the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, to not destroy the Sumatran orangutans’ last refuge.

With your support we have successfully delayed any decision on the passing of the Aceh Spatial Plan, a law that could have opened up 5 million football fields of pristine jungle to deforestation from palm oil companies. We have launched 2 legal cases to the Indonesian courts and are about to launch a third. We have empowered local communities to fight for forest protection and funded ranger patrols to collect evidence of illegal clearing for our court cases. We still need your help to close the gap and reach our goal of $10,000 so it is matched by an anonymous donor!

Help us make sure the Aceh Spatial Plan is never passed and the Sumatran orangutans’ last jungle home is protected forever.
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Forget the chocolates this Mother’s Day - adopt an orphan orangutan for Mum!


Sadly, not all orangutans get to spend Mother’s Day with their mothers in their native habitat. Adopting one of our orangutan orphans for your Mother, Grandmother or special friend is a positive way to bring attention to the crisis faced by this wonderful species. TOP is needing to rescue more and more infant orangutans that are critically endangered due to habitat destruction as more palm oil plantations expand across Borneo and Sumatra. From as little as $65 you can both make a real difference and help these infants survive.

Or for just $25, you can help feed 30 orphan orangutans for one month by purchasing a TOP eCard to give to your Mother. We also have a very gorgeous toy orangutan with her baby that would surprise and delight Mum this Mother’s Day – the choice is yours! By choosing one of these thoughtful gifts, you can both feel happy in the knowledge that you have helped make a difference to the lives of orphaned orangutans. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.
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Help us save the Sumatran orangutans’ last refuge


In our last edition, we talked about the devastating destruction of the South East Asian rainforest to make way for palm oil plantations. Today fewer than 6,300 Sumatran orangutans survive in the jungle, yet the Indonesian President is seriously considering changing the law, through the Aceh Spatial Plan, to make it even easier for palm oil companies to destroy their last remaining habitat. If the plan goes ahead we could lose 2.6 million hectares or almost 5 million football fields of pristine rainforest.

As the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo has the power to step in and protect the orangutan from extinction. We must act now to make sure he cancels the proposed spatial planning law that will enable greedy palm oil conglomerates to destroy the last remaining forests of Sumatra. The truth is that if the Sumatran orangutan is going to survive our lifetime, it will only be because of people like you who stand up for them - please take action by signing our petition today. 

Also, our friends at One More Generation (OMG) have launched a letter writing campaign to educate and enable people to show their support for the orangutan and take a stand. Check out their campaign here.

You can visit our website to find out more about the issues surrounding Palm Oil, and donate to our Palm Oil Resistance here. Excitingly, a generous donor of The Orangutan Project has agreed to match EVERY donation made up to $50,000! Please, take action and help the Sumatran orangutan before it's too late.

(Photo: Jess McKelson)
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A special announcement from TOP Ambassador Georgia Nanscawen


TOP and our wonderful Ambassador Georgia Nanscawen are excited to announce the release of a special edition hockey stick featuring the TOP logo, available from EDGE Hockey 

At the age of 17, Georgia became one of the youngest Hockeyroo’s in history and at 20 years of age she became the youngest woman in history to play 100 games for Australia. We’re delighted to have her as an Ambassador for TOP.Georgia is a passionate supporter of the orangutan species stating, “As a fellow proud red head, it would be absolutely devastating should the orangutans become extinct, so all the support they can get is incredibly important.".

Commenting on her continuous support and commitment to TOP, Georgia said "I am extremely proud to continue to be associated with TOP. It is an organisation very close to my heart and therefore incredibly special that I am now able to display the TOP logo every time I play.” Georgia hopes to continue to spread the word and raise awareness for the orangutan species adding, “I am very thankful to my sponsor EDGE hockey for making this possible. It's a fantastic initiative in which a percentage of each of my signature sticks sold will go towards TOP”, she said.
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Forest restoration - seedlings galore


The Orangutan Project supports forest restoration in degraded orangutan habitat forest. Forest restoration has many steps. One of the teams we support is working on the Cinta Raja restoration project in Sumatra. The restoration team recently collected numerous seedlings from adjacent primary forest, in particular a fast growing pioneer species called Terap. Approximately 2,000 of these seedlings that were 10-20cm high, were collected. These are now being cared for in the nursery centre (see photo) for eventual replanting in degraded areas of the Gunung Leuser National Park.

The team has also been busy planting, with 3,000 tree seedlings planted across 3.5 hectares over the last few months. So far, 4,500 seedlings have been planted on five hectares in the site, of the total 10 to be planted under this programme. What a great effort!
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Keep up-to-date: be sure to Like TOP on Facebook


If you like reading all of TOP’s news in our monthly newsletter then make sure you like our Facebook page. Our Facebook page keeps our supporters updated on current orangutan events, projects we support in the field, updates on our orphans and lots of interesting orangutan facts.

Little Gunung here seems quite impressed with our Facebook page and we hope you will be too (Photo: Thomas Burns).

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Did someone say Chocolate?


Easter is nearly here. Orangutan ‘Chocolate’ is in our adoption programme and he is out to prove that orange chocolate is the best! Why not adopt cheeky Chocolate this Easter and avoid all of the calories. This chocolate is also palm oil free! 

Funds from our adoption programme will help orphan Chocolate in his rehabilitation and training to return to the wild. For some orange Chocolate, adopt Chocolate today! 
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Act now - Join our movement to save orangutans


Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is being ploughed to the ground across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps. It is found in over half all packaged items on our supermarket shelves. In the last 20 years, over 3.5 million hectares of Indonesian and Malaysian forest have been destroyed to make way for palm oil.

The only way that the orangutan species will survive is if their habitat is protected by the help of people like you who stand up for them. We have no time to waste. We need to stop deforestation by the Palm Oil industry now. Will you stand with us and save the orangutan and its forest home?

Please take action by joining our Palm Oil Resistance movement to save the orangutan from extinction and by spreading the word.

Educate yourself and your friends - visit the TOP website to find out how to know whether palm oil is contained in the products you buy, and what you can do to make a difference.

(Photo: Jess McKelson)
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Baby born at Camp Rasak


TOP recently received some delightful news from Camp Rasak in the Lamandau Reserve.

The beautiful Acui, a female seen regularly at the release site, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on 23 January 2015. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Acui also has an adolescent daughter named Amira and she is still travelling with Acui. This will be fantastic for Amira since she will learn first-hand how to raise an infant by watching her mother.

We will keep you posted on the little bundle’s name.
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Adoption of the month: Rahayu


Meet Rahayu. It’s hard to resist that pout and luscious eyelashes. She is one of the beautiful orangutans in our adoption programme. Rahayu has a very sweet and gentle nature and lives at the IAR orangutan rehabilitation centre in West Kalimantan. Funds from the adoption programme go towards the rehabilitation of orphans like Rahayu. Money also goes towards protecting precious rainforest habitat so Rahayu may be released in the future and return to the life that was stolen from her. (Photo: Thomas Burns).

Please help Rahayu and adopt her today.
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Orangutans in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary


The Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project (KOCP), located in Sabah, Malaysia is constantly striving to protect habitat and initiate innovative ideas to help wildlife. TOP has provided $30,000 to Hutan to support the Wildlife Warden programme in 2014-2015. The Wildlife Warden teams monitor and protect the wildlife and habitat within the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary and they also engage in community outreach and conservation programmes in the area.

In 2014, the team of KOCP orangutan field research assistants has followed 30 different wild orangutans within the intensive study site located in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary. They secured a total of 157 full nest-to-nest observation days (and 1916 hours of direct observation). This is a 65% increase compared to 2013. Twelve of the orangutans followed by the team were not habituated and had not been encountered previously.

The results of monthly phenological monitoring indicated that more fruits were available in the forest overall compared to the two previous years, although no mass fruiting event occurred in Kinabatangan in 2014. Although orangutans preferentially consume fruits, a large part of their diet is made up with young leaves and shoots, flowers and barks. To date, 327 plant species have been identified as being part of the orangutan diet.
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Saving Orangutans with Spare Change


Hi, my name is Jenny Fritzsche. For the past three years I have been working as a volunteer in an Orangutan Care and Rescue Centre at Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia. This work has highlighted to me how critically endangered the Orangutans really are at this time. This is the tipping point for the orangutans’ survival; it’s now or never if we want to see them in the wild in the future.

On the Gold Coast, I have placed donation boxes placed in businesses up and down the coast and in the past 9 months we have raised close to $5,000 in donations …. Not bad considering this is from people’s spare change!

The purpose of raising the money assists towards the care and rehabilitation centres, protection and monitoring of current orangutan release sites and also to purchase and gain leases of land as it becomes available.

If you are interested in have a donation box at your place of business, or are interested in becoming a local donation box coordinator, please email Marion at
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Project Orangutan Exhibition


Project Orangutan the exhibition was a fundraising exhibition featuring 81 artists and 90 artworks depicting 73 orangutans from International Animal Rescue’s orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang, Indonesian Borneo. There were two successful showings of these amazing artworks.

The first exhibition was held at the E2 Gallery and Events Centre in Berrima NSW. 11 pieces sold on the opening night. The weather was atrocious for the remainder of the week but many brave souls still came out to view the fantastic artworks created for the fundraising exhibition.
The entire show was then moved to Tap Gallery Darlinghurst, where 100 people attended the opening night and four artworks were sold. Gail Browning from TOP NSW gave a presentation at a Saturday High Tea and another six pieces were sold.
Over the two shows, over 30 artworks were sold as well as many prints and photographs. Over $16,000 was raised for the IAR Rescue Centre in Ketapang. This money will be sent to IAR through TOP.

The remaining artworks are featured on the website and are for sale via email enquiry at
Little Gunung at the IAR Rescue Centre seems very impressed with the amount raised!

Jessica Warwick
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Wildlife Protection Unit update


The Wildlife Protection Units (WPU) in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, Jambi, Sumatra, have been focusing their patrols on the southern buffer zone of the ecosystem. This area is the most vulnerable to forest encroachment and other human disturbances. This buffer zone was sub-divided into five patrol sectors, with 1275 square kilometres of forest being surveyed in total. Mapping and monitoring of encroachment and other illegal activities was focused on. The target was to map high priority areas for anti-encroachment patrols; to map and document encroachment in high priority areas and forward the results to the law enforcement units. A total of five WPUs patrolled key areas in shifts with a routine schedule for each team of 21 patrol days (including transport and reporting) and 10 days off each month.

A total of 172 illegal activities were detected, investigated and documented by WPU patrol teams from June-August 2014. Encroachment was the most common illegal activity recorded (99 incidents), followed by illegal logging (51 incidents) and poaching (21 incidents). All information on illegal activities was thoroughly documented and forwarded to law enforcement units of police and forest police. Joined patrols in order to increase law enforcement activities are planned for the upcoming project period.

Wildlife monitoring carried out during the third quarter of 2014 recorded the following key findings for various animals:

  • 9 tiger findings
  • 26 tapir findings
  • 26 elephant findings
  • 49 orangutan findings

The sample of photographs (from top down), taken by the WPUs to document illegal activities includes: Encroachment to establish illegal fields and oil palm plantations, a logging and poaching camp, snares de-activated by WPU, illegal logging.

Help protect orangutan habitat - support our Safeguard program
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Emil release


We were thrilled to inform our adopters in December that Emil, one of the original orangutans in our adoption programme, was released into the Seruyan Forest in Central Kalimantan in August, 2014. Emil arrived at the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine as a small infant in 2001. He was a friendly, active infant whom everyone loved.

Due to Emil’s excellent forest skills, he was identified as a release candidate for 2014. During his forest outings, Emil would venture deeper into the forest than many of his other orangutan peers who still preferred to stay within sight of their caregivers and other orangutans. Emil was perfectly content when by himself in the forest but, just like wild adolescent orangutans, he also enjoyed traveling occasionally with a friend.

Emil is a very observant orangutan. As he climbs up the trees, he ambles slowly and stops frequently to survey the forest around him. Emil also has excellent foraging skills and is very resourceful. Since he spends most of his time in the trees, leaves are a common snack. And like many orangutans, Emil has a sweet tooth for termites and ants. But he has a few unconventional tastes as well including mud and bark. These might sound unappetizing, but these items can be a good source of nutrients! Sometimes a wild orangutan needs to be creative when there is a shortage of more tasty foods.

Emil was fitted with a subcutaneous radio transmitter a few months before he was released. He was released with male Virgo and females Septi and Sophie. Staff are confident that Emil will succeed in the wild due to his range of forest skills including excellent foraging and feeding habits. Thank you again to all of our adopters who make success stories like this possible. Emil is now back where he belongs!

To adopt an orangutan and help others return to their true forest home please click here.
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day this February with a meaningful gift that supports orangutans


This Valentine’s Day why not choose a gift from our range of eCards, on behalf of your loved one you could help feed orphan orangutans breakfast, buy an orangutan medicine for a year or even sponsor an orangutan’s care and rehabilitation – the choice is yours.

Each gift will not only surprise and delight your Valentine, but will directly help save orangutans from extinction.

You can download and send electronically, or print out and give to your Valentine on February 14.

Purchase eCards

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Join The Orangutan Sumatra Challenge!


Don’t miss out on your chance to join The Orangutan Sumatra Challenge Tour, a 13 day fundraising challenge led by TOP President, Leif Cocks, departing on 01 June 2015.

You will visit pristine rainforests, trek through the magnificent jungles of Gunung Leuser National Park in Northern Sumatra and spend time viewing wild and ex‑captive orangutans wandering freely in their natural surroundings.

Trip highlights include:
  • Learning from orangutan expert Leif Cocks
  • Visiting the reforestation project run by the Orangutan Information Centre & the Orangutan Care Centre & Quarantine in Batu Mbelin
  • Climbing an active volcano, going white water rafting, meeting the people of Sumatra and witnessing their way of life
  • Most importantly ... help to save the orangutans from extinction
Don't wait, register today….limited places available for this amazing challenge!

The Orangutan Project offers a range of wondrous tour options to suit all tastes and budgets. To find out more visit our Adventure Tours page.
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Project Orangutan - The Exhibition


Project Orangutan – The Exhibition is a fundraising art exhibition featuring artists from Australia wide. The intent is to raise awareness of the plight of the orangutans and their habitat and to raise much needed funds for the International Animal Rescue (IAR) Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in West Kalimantan.

This exhibition will showcase a collection of artworks created by Australian artists. Each artist has been paired with one of the orangutans currently in the Centre’s care, creating a body of work that expresses the unique personalities and idiosyncrasies of these beautiful primates reflected through the artist’s eye. Over 70 artists are contributing to the exhibition. The TOP adopted orangutans Bunga, Monti, Rahayu and Rocky and Rickina are included in this exciting exhibition.

TOP has supported the IAR Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre for many years. We encourage our TOP supporters in NSW to visit one of the two showings in November and December. Buying a unique piece of orangutan art is a fabulous way to support this great cause.

The exhibition is free and open to the general public. For more information and rsvp’s for opening nights click here
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IAR Update on their latest rescue!


The IAR Orangutan Rescue Team recently underwent a treacherous journey to save a male orangutan named Wawa from a terrible life. Wawa had been kept for years chained to a tree by his neck at the back of a house in a village named Sanggau, near Pontianak in West Kalimantan. Wawa’s ‘owner’ had kept Wawa for five years after purchasing him from a friend in Ketapang.

Wawa is about 5-6 years old, has very little hair and bad skin. This is due to being malnourished for years after being fed on rice and sweet drinks. The chain Wawa had been kept on was quite short so he had also never been able to move around and exercise.

Wawa has quite a sweet and calm temperament but he will bite when he is in a stressful situation. Wawa is currently safe at the IAR Rescue Centre in Ketapang where he will now undergo rehabilitation. Another great effort by the IAR Rescue team which is funded by TOP!

We just wish there were not so many orangutans that needed to be rescued.
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All I want for Christmas is to be free


Donate to help orangutans along their route to freedom this Christmas.

Thousands of orangutans are being displaced and killed every year due to their forest home being destroyed at an alarming rate. The main cause of this habitat destruction is the relentless growth of the palm oil industry as well as the pulp and paper industry, mining and agriculture.

Amidst this devastation The Orangutan Project is desperately trying to help secure habitat and give rescued orangutans a second chance at freedom. It is a long and expensive road to recovery for young orangutans that are rescued. They are often severely traumatised from witnessing the brutal murder of their mother and can then be kept in appalling conditions as a family pet.

By giving to the 12 Days of Christmas Appeal, you can make an immediate and real difference to the life of an orphan orangutan now and help us reach the ultimate goal for their future…FREEDOM!

Whichever gift you choose for our orangutans, you can be sure it is vitally important during the rehabilitation process. What’s more, if you select one of the regular monthly donations, you can really help make an ongoing difference.

Our orphans urgently need your help! These gifts could become a reality for orangutans if we all share some Christmas cheer.

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Georgia Nanscawen-Hockey star helping her fellow ‘redheads’


Georgia Nanscawen, a red headed ambassador for The Orangutan Project, has recently spent some time visiting some other red heads at Perth Zoo. Having always had a deep fondness and great awe for orangutans, by joining The Orangutan Project as an Ambassador she hopes to raise awareness about the perilous situation facing orangutans.

Being selected in the Hockeyroo’s in 2009 at the age of 17, Georgia instantly became one of the youngest Hockeyroo’s in history and at 20 years of age she became the youngest woman in history to play 100 games for Australia. With her curly red hair, Georgia is a stand out player on the field. Combine her red curls with her passion for orangutans and Georgia hopes to raise awareness about the perilous situation facing orangutans.

Georgia was excited to take some time out from her busy schedule recently and visit the beautiful Sumatran orangutans at Perth Zoo. There, she met up with TOP Conservation Project Manager Kylie Bullo to give TOP an exciting donation: four team shirts that have been signed by the Hockeyroos team. The Hockeyroos have had an amazing year, coming second at the World Cup and taking out the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Georgia was amazed by the strength and agility of the orangutans, especially the young ones as they swung and hung upside down on the ropes, well above 10m off the ground. Georgia stated ‘It is heart breaking to know that such an amazing and intelligent species is facing extinction if we don’t act now to save them.
TOP will be auctioning these Hockeyroos shirts at upcoming events to raise much needed funds to support orangutan conservation. Thanks to Georgia for supporting TOP and orangutan conservation efforts!
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The Orangutan Sumatra Project


Join founder and President of The Orangutan Project, Leif Cocks on this special fundraising adventure. You’ll visit the reforestation project run by Orangutan Information Centre as well the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine in Batu Mbelin. You’ll witness wild and ex‑captive orangutans that wander freely, as well as siamangs, gibbons, leaf and macaque monkeys in their natural rainforest habitat, and you’ll climb an active volcano and go white water rafting.
The funds you raise will help The Orangutan Project to conserve and protect the orangutans’ rainforest that is being felled for Palm Oil and other crops at an overwhelming rate.

·         13 day trip | 4 day trek
·         Departs 01 June 2015
·         Travel cost $4045

**  Min fundraising target $2000
** Non refundable registration fee $200

Click here to Register
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Time Zones


Due to daylight savings in your state please be aware of the time difference as our Administrator's office is based in WA?
If you could hold off ringing until after 12 noon EST that would be great.

Please note:
“The email you get sent with your renewal advice is an automated email – please do not reply to this email as it is not manned by any TOP staff should you wish to change anything with your account please contact”

Many Thanks
Rebecca and Amanda
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Thank you from Leuser


TOP would like to thank its supporters who donated to the Leuser Father’s Day Appeal. Over $6,000 was raised and this will contribute to Leuser’s care at the Batu Mbelin Orangutan Rescue Centre in North Sumatra. He may be blind but Leuser loves receiving different food treats and enrichment and funds sent to the centre will help buy some of his favourties- whole coconuts!
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Education - The Kookaburra Group


Sometimes it can all start from just one person passing on a thought or a comment or sharing a YouTube Clip. Mrs Amanda Jones from Lauriston Girls' School who teaches at the Niall House Kindergarten's "Kookaburra Group"  did just that.  She first inspired her students through a simple YouTube Clip. This clip shows an Orangutan called Strawberry communicating with a profoundly deaf child using sign language. Strawberry tells the young girl who lives on the other side of the world that her Peanut Butter that contains Palm Oil is destroying Orangutans forest homes.

From here the kindergarten kids just wanted to help the Orangutans, all 117 of them! They made Orangutans out of clay and made posters to put up around the school. Then for International Orangutan Day they spoke at their whole school assembly, also showing the clip of Strawberry. This then inspired the Year 7-8 girls to get on board and help, who then held a bake sale. 

The children also completed paintings, orangutan exhibitions, petitions, handprint cutouts and also made Orangutan masks! The Kookaburra Group finished off their project with a visit to Melbourne Zoo!  In total a total of $440.20 was raised and they also adopted Chocolate!

Thank you Mrs Jones for inspiring all those wonderful students and staff who helped out!

The education team are working hard to get the Long Call Club sorted out and running and if your school donates to TOP or does an adoption they automatically become members of the Long Call Club. The future of the Orangutans and the other animals in the rain forest depends on the help from schools and the youth of today.
For further information on the schools program contact

The Schools Team are working hard to get the Long Call Club sorted out and running and if your school donates to TOP or does an adoption they automatically become members of the Long Call Club. The future of the orangutans and the other animals in the rain forest depends on the help from schools and the youth of today.
For further information on the schools program contact

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Unite with us this Orangutan Caring Week: 9th–15th November 2014


Orangutan Caring Week is a time when we can join together to recognise the danger facing one of the closest species on earth to man, and the most iconic victim of the ever-expanding deforestation.
“The orangutan species is only just hanging on by a thread. Each day we are inundated by reports of forest destruction and news of proposals to slash the remaining fragments of forest in Borneo and Sumatra. Without habitat the species will simply not survive in the wild.” says Leif Cocks, President of The Orangutan Project.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can help make a difference:
-          Adopt an orphan 
-          Become a Registered Supporter 
-          Safeguard the rainforest 
-          Volunteer with us 
-          Join ‘The Long Call Club’: The Orangutan Project’s Schools Program

Please get involved and show your support this Orangutan Caring Week!
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Education Report


The education team are working hard to get the Long Call Club sorted out and running and if your school donates to TOP or does an adoption they automatically become members of the Long Call Club. The future of the Orangutans and the other animals in the rain forest depends on the help from schools and the youth of today.
For further information on the schools program contact

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Fires in Sabangau


TOP has had an urgent request for funds from The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop) in Central Kalimantan to help with out of control forest fires in Kalimantan.

Dr Simon Husson, Founder of OuTrop quotes: ‘The fires are raging again in Kalimantan and I’ve just returned from Palangkaraya where I’ve seen first-hand the plumes of smoke arising from burning land up and down the highways. I spent some time talking with the Patrol Team on how we will tackle the fires. In the Natural Laboratory the patrol team has already extinguished two fires that were on the forest edge and there are reports of fires further south in the National Park. In Kalampangan in the eastern Sabangau catchment, the patrol team is now working around the clock to stop a fire that has entered the forest there.

Yet again, this fire-fighting team is one of the few out there on a daily basis to patrol and fight the fires. It has become very clear that 2014 is not just a brief fire season but could develop into a very serious one, and therefore I’m writing now to urgently request any further support you may be able to give. A larger team is needed out in the field to cover the 24 hour shifts needed, replace and add equipment and save as much of the forest as possible. The threat to the forest feels as great as I can remember.’

TOP is asking our supporters to donate funds to help fight these disastrous fires that threaten the precious Sabangau habitat and its orangutan population. Please donate if you can.

Donate to the Fires in Sabangau

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Palm Oil Free Products


At Palm Oil Free Products we search Australia for products made without nasty chemicals and, most importantly, without palm oil or palm oil derivatives. What we found were the most beautiful products made by small producers using the best Australian ingredients - including award-winning skincare products. All suppliers and their product ranges are free of palm oil removing the guesswork and detective work from your online shopping experience. Palm Oil Free Products is a licensed shop of The Orangutan Project. A minimum of 5%, and up to 15%, of every sale is donated to The Orangutan Project.

Shop now and support The Orangutan Project and Australian Businesses!

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Palm Oil Update


"Did you know that in the time it takes you to read this newsletter 20 football fields of beautiful, luscious South East Asian rainforest have been bulldozed to the ground?"

Palm Oil is the leading cause of this devastation. We must unite together and take action to stop this madness before this precious rainforest and all the creatures that call it home are gone for good.
Take Action Today! Send Cheezels a facebook message saying you love Orangutans and want to see their homes protected. Let them know you want them to do the right thing and remove nasty palm oil from their products so you can once again enjoy their tasty snacks. If everyone who reads this newsletter acts now Cheezels will have to listen and become part of the solution not the problem."

Join the Movement

Thanks Charlie
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International Orangutan Day


There were some fantastic results achieved by the schools which took part in International Orangutan Day, check out some of the photos that were sent in.
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Education Update


We are regenerating our education program, and for all you “Long Call Club” members - look out for a message from your State Education Coordinator to see how we can be of further help to your school activities.

If a school does a fund raising project for TOP, or  an adoption, they can apply to be a Long Call Club member and join a select band of schools Australia-wide that are making a difference.

For further information contact
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Candi and Chilli


Naming a baby is a delicate process. With a gorgeous new orangutan arrival for first time mum Candi at the Bukit Tigapuluh release site, TOP put the call out to our supporters for baby name suggestions. 
We received many fantastic suggestions and thanks to everyone who entered the baby naming competition.
We are delighted with the winning name for Candi’s baby girl
Hello……….. CHILLI

Congratulations to Talei Valucava who selected this name since chillies can be red like orangutans and are also a prominent ingredient in Indonesian cooking. We think these are great reasons for naming this fiery little redhead ‘Chilli’.
Candi and Chilli are currently very far from the release station but we’ll keep you posted on any sightings and we look forward to seeing little Chilli learning the ways of the jungle.
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Ebay Art


Sumatran Pair - Limited Edition only 8 left

“Sumatran Pair" by Pamela Conder is a limited edition of 10 prints. Each one is printed on archival quality, A3 size bamboo watercolour paper, signed and hand-finished by the artist and therefore unique. $350 (Aust.) each.

Postage is free.

All profits will go to Rich Lives 4 Red Apes enrichment fund for Nyaru Menteng and Samboja.
View and Buy Art
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