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TOP in the News Aussie brothers who adopted 92 orangutan orphans

TOP in the News

20-Aug-2015 -- Publisher: The Morning Show Ch 7

Teenage brothers Daniel and William Clarke open up about their eye-opening trip to Borneo which lead the pair to adopt 92 cute and cuddly orangutans. They chat with The Morning Show hosts on International Orangutan Day in 2015 about why saving the orangutan species is so critical. Well done Daniel and William for all your fantastic work!

TOP in the News Lara Shannon's Trans Borneo Challenge documentary on Ch 9

TOP in the News

19-Aug-2015 -- Publisher: Channel 9

The Trans Borneo Challenge is an inspiring adventure story that follows a group of 6 women from four nations, including TOP Ambassador Lara Shannon, as they travel 2000kms across Borneo on a 25 day journey to raise funds and create awareness about the plight of the Orangutan and other endangered species in Borneo.

TOP in the News Cornelia Frances on Ch 7's Daily Edition about her work with orangutans

TOP in the News

10-Aug-2015 -- Publisher: The Daily Edition

TOP Ambassador Cornelia Frances has graced our screens for decades, playing some of Australia's most devious characters -- but it turns out she does have a softer side! Find out about her work to help save the orangutan species. 

TOP in the News Hockeyroos star's code red for orangutans

TOP in the News

13-May-2015 -- Publisher: Virginia Millen

You can’t miss Georgia Nanscawen on the hockey pitch – not just because of her fine form, but also due to her fiery mane. It’s the latter attribute that saw the 22-year-old’s selected as an ambassador in 2013 for The Orangutan Project (TOP), as part of the “Redheads for Redheads” campaign.

“I’m very proud of my red hair,” says Georgia. “It’s something that makes you stand out on the hockey field, but I also cop a little bit from my teammates, they always have a little bit of a laugh and a joke about it. So when the opportunity to jump on board with TOP came about I was thrilled to take it.”

Orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra are increasingly under threat, as the growth of palm oil plantations decimates their habitat. It’s an issue Georgia was aware of long before her work with TOP.

TOP in the News Great Asia escapes

TOP in the News

16-May-2015 -- Publisher: Susan Kurosawa

Go ape: The Orang-utan Project is offering eco-tourism tours in conjunction with Orang-utan Odyssey to the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo; the journeys are escorted by leading conservationists, include close wildlife encounters and visits to rescue and care centres, and participants typically sleep aboard traditional river boats.