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"A real success story for orangutans"
A huge thank you for what we have been able to achieve together

I’m delighted to be able to share with you a real success story following our appeal to help fund the release of a group of orangutans ready to complete their journey back to their forest home back in September of last year. Thanks to your generosity, TOP raised $18,795, which exceeded our target of the $15,000 needed to help facilitate the releases. Helping orangutans live wild and free is what strive for every day - Leif Cocks

Here’s an update on how they are doing -

Monic has adapted well to forest life! She naturally went out of the cages and started to forage and eat all the fruits of the forest. She builds a nest every night and has become friends with other release animals Jemey and Kluet. It was quite a surprise as she spent a number of years in Quarantine and she has just adapted like nothing had ever happened. It’s great to see her behave and have the opportunity to be free again.

Agam has become friendly with his old quarantine friend Siamang. Together they are seen to be feeding and exploring the rainforest. Siamang is a wild release candidate and has been teaching Agam what to eat and how to adapt to the forest. Each night he makes a nest next to the release cage area, but he follows Siamang and is slowly becoming more independent. It is wonderful to see him follow his old friend and learn about the forest. He will build his confidence over the next month and will become more independent to explore over 1km in the transect.

In his first week, Genang explored the rainforest and was testing and trying different fruits. He is quite wild and it seems his natural instinct has been good. The last week he has come back to the pre-release cage area and has become good friends with title Ganteng (male twin). He will play with Ganteng each day in the forest, feed in the same trees and follow slightly older orangutans Monic and Santi. His friends are giving him the confidence to explore, play and also settle in to his new environment well. Each night he builds a nest about 500m from the pre-release cages and will often allow Ganteng to watch and copy him.

Santi is a wild orangutan and has been released once before, until she broke her leg. She has been released again and is doing well, like she never left the forest. She has become an older sister for Ganteng the male twin, and will allow him to follow, feed and play with her. She will also allow little Geneang to follow her. This is fabulous as she can teach them many rainforest survival skills for the new release candidates. Great to see her back at home and being a good role model.

Jess McKelson
TOP Board Member