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Only 1 out of 6 orphans are lucky enough to be rescued - over 1,000 orphaned orangutans are living in rescue and rehabilitation centres. Care of these infants is costly and requires 24hr staff, veterinary, and nurse care to ensure they are in a healthy condition and have the best chance to survive – and possibly even return to the wild.

From as little as $65 you can make a real difference and help these infants survive.
All adoption money goes directly to helping the orphans at the various care centres we support:

We are in regular contact with the staff at the centres and TOP representatives visit the centres several regularly to get updates on the orphans and see how they are progressing.
For the small sum you can make a real difference and help these orphans survive.

All adoption money goes directly to helping orphans at care centres we support and providing opportunities for a safe return to the wild.

  • Orphan adoptions are tax deductible!
  • Please allow a minimum of 7 to 12 days for postage within Australia. More remote destinations may take longer.
  • Maximum of 25 characters including spaces allowed on adoption certificates

For more information on the care centres see our Projects.

Infant Updates

TOP provides updates twice a year on each of our infant orangutans available for adoption. This allows you to track their progress and see how they are being rehabilitated. For the latest Update visit Adoption Updates.

Note* Due to the large number of orphans requiring care it is simply not possible for us to offer exclusive adoptions for each and every one of them – but rest assured that your adoption fees are being used to give your adopted orphan, along with many more just as needy, the best care possible. Each adoption offers real care to real orphans. All prices are in Australian dollars.

To renew an existing adoption call Rebecca on 1300 REDAPE  or contact us.