29-04-2013 Green activists see red over Sumatra rain forest plan        

17-04-2013 They need YOU. NOW

08-04-2013 One tribe's war against corporate greed: How the Penan people of Borneo are fighting to preserve their forest against the loggers 
25-03-2013 Can REDD save the forests of Aceh?

15-03-2013 Activists Decry Aceh Plan to End Log Ban 

13-03-2013 Apes swing into CITES

13-03-2013 Aceh plans to clear 1.2 million hectares of protected forest trigger alarm over increase in landslides, floods and other natural disasters.

09-03-2013 URGENT CALL FOR ACTION – 4 day “fax-a-thon” to save beyond 1.2 million hectares of forest in Aceh Province, Sumatra

08-03-2013 International Animal Rescue news-Award winners

06-03-2013 Oil or orangutans: can consumers choose?

01-03-2013 Pygmy Elephants Under Threat From Development in Indonesia

20-02-2013 SOCP Confiscates Illegal Pet Orangutan Captured On Palm Oil Estate

06-02-2013 Major breakthrough in protection for Indonesia’s remaining rainforests

01-02-2013 Pygmy elephant calf desperately tries to wake up dead mother who was one of ten animals found poisoned

19-01-2013 Leuser Ecosystem Under Serious Threat

08-11-2012 State Attorney Lawyers File The Legal Case of Tripa Peat Swamp This Week

1-11-2012 Orangutan rescue: Dramatic images of seven Sumatran apes saved as bulldozers move in to clear their home for an oil plantation
18-10-2012 Demand for palm oil, used in packaged food products, leaves orangutans at risk


02-10-2012 Your letters: A matter of life or death for orangutans

29-09-2012 Indonesian palm oil company loses permit on illegal logging

29-09-2012 WALHI Aceh Appreciates Revocation of Plantation License in Tripa

27-09-2012 Heartrending moment tiny, terrified orangutan baby is plucked to safety after he and his mother were found starving

27-09-2012 Sustainability pact aside, Greenpeace says paper giant APP must stop facilitating deforestation

27-09-2012 Aceh Government Officially Withdraw Kalista Alam’s License

25-09-2012 New population of wild orang utans confirmed

21-09-2012 Wheel 2 wheel

21-09-2012 Governor Revokes Plantation Permit of PT Kalista Alam

10-09-2012 After eye surgery, orangutan sees her twins for first time

08-09-2012 Sumatran Orangutan Species on the Brink as 3,950 Acre Tripa Peat Swamp Decimated


28-08-2012 The orangutan population is on the brink

24-08-2012 Protected Forests Won't Combat Species Extinction Without Proper Safety Buffer Zones

23-08-2012 Orangutan Pet Owners Need ‘Heavy Punishment’: Activists

16-0802012 The Head of Aceh Police about Tripa Peat Swamp: Not Only Former Governor

12-08-2012 It’s either orangutans or cheap palm oil

12-08-2012 Language of orang-utans

11-08-2012 Men with machine hearts

05-08-2012 Stop the slaughter, save orang utans in Borneo

24-07-2012 Cargill Admits Buying Palm Oil from Illegally Cleared Orangutan Habitat

21-07-2012 Roasted in Tripa Peat Swamp

20-07-2012 My Home is on FIRE!

11-07-2012 Let's get Tweeting!

09-07-2012 The way we treat orang-utans may be a barometer of our regard for nature

03-07-2012 Tripa Field Updates

02-07-2012 Fires threaten to ‘extinguish’ critical Indonesian orangutan population

02-07-2012 Despite moratorium and investigation, fires rage in key Sumatran peat swamp

29-06-2012 Increase in fires burning in Tripa highlights Indonesian Government failing to cease deforestation

28-06-2012 Life threatening 

26-06-2012 Southeast Asian Haze: Who’s To Blame?

20-06-2012 Only 200 Orang Utans Left At Rawa Tripa

19-06-2012 Orangutan School’s first graduates released into the wild

14-06-2012 Short film about Tripa

13-06-2012 Tripa continues to burn as President Yudhoyono to give global policy address on future of Indonesia’s forests

09-06-2012 Credits lost in tangle of Aceh's forest

07-06-2012 Sumatran Orangutan Relocated as Forest Clearing Continues

14-05-2012 Ministry of Forestry sent letter to Aceh governor

22-05-2012 Suspect in the case of Tripa peat swamp subject to criminal and civil lawsuit

22-05-2012 Forestry moratorium: government prepared second revision

22-05-2012 REDD+ Task Force press release

22-05-2012 Tripa peat swamp re-included in the moratorium

22-05-2012 Next week, hearing of witness

22-05-2012 Orangutan die after clearing by burning

22-05-2012 Indonesia peatland back on protected list in test case

16-05-2012 East Kalimantan Is Third Largest Carbon Emitter

03-05-2012 Lack of Land Hinders Kalimantan Orangutan Release Plan

01-05-2012 A Grim Portrait of Palm Oil Emissions

11-04-2012 Green groups may call for boycott of Indonesian palm oil over forest destruction in Sumatra

10-04-2012 Are You Eating Dirty Oil? The Environmental Impacts of the Palm Oil Industry

08-04-2012 Palm trees competing with orangutans for forests in Borneo

04-04-2012 Help Orangutans - make it a palm oil free easter 

04-04-2012 Orangutan expert visits Atlanta to discuss conservation

04-04-2012 Think of the orangutans this Easter, says zoo

04-04-2012 SOCP: Orangutans gone by end of 2012 unless deforestation halted

03-04-2012 Indonesia court refuses to stop forest development conservationists say threatens orangutans 

01-04-2012 Endangered Borneo Orangutans Returned to the Wild

28-03-2012 100 orangutans estimated lost in Indonesian fires

28-03-2012 Home sweet home! Building work starts on a new jungle house in Borneo for rescued orangutan Mely and her pals

16-03-2012 Wild orangutans in Borneo stressed by eco-tourists, but not for long, IU study finds 

10-02-2012 UN recognizes US Girl Scouts for palm oil effort

09-02-2012 Indonesian Police Still Searching for Orangutan Killers

09-02-2012 Rebel who has 'betrayed' the last of Aceh's orang-utans

09-02-2012 Some toilet paper production destroys Indonesian rainforests, endangering tigers and elephants

08-02-2012 Devoted Denver zookeeper enlists team to save orangutan

08-02-2012 Two Michigan Girl Scouts nominated for "Forest Heroes" Award

08-02-2012 Orangutan 'exterminators' on trial in Indonesia

03-02-2012 Tracking the Elusive Orangutan: CAS prof studies links between nutrition and reproduction

30-01-2012 Don't hurt my baby! Pregnant orang-utan protectively hugs her daughter ...

28-01-2012 Orangutans slaughtered for $100

27-01-2012 Habitat loss keeps orangutan on the 'danger list’

27-01-2102 Leaked data: Palm biodiesel as dirty as fuel from tar sands

24-01-2012 Conservation on the Front Line- Muara Tae's Last Stand Against Big Palm Oil

17-01-2012 Vegetarian orang-utans eat world's cutest animal

16-01-2012 Keen to adopt an orangutan? Now you can… Sort of

14-01-2012 Borneo tough for red-haired vegans

12-01-2012 For Kutai Forest, Not Your Typical Threat‏

11-01-2012 The Ape Crusaders

11-01-2012 Six Captive Orangutans to Be Freed in E. Kalimantan‏

28-11-2011 Singapore chef tries new way to save the rainforest

27-11-2011 Fresh wave of killings by hunters takes Indonesian orangutan to the brink of extinction

25-11-2011 Retirement islands for orangutans

24-11-2011 Sabah's east coast orang-utans in serious decline

24-11-2011 Tuberculosis strikes orangutan sanctuary

23-11-2011 Manager probed over orangutan deaths

23-11-2011 Orangutans slaughtered in Indonesia

17-11-2011 'Island' Building For Endangered Red Apes

16-11-2011 Five Wild Cat Species Documented in Sumatran Forest Imperiled by Logging

14-11-2011 Toilet paper critics on a roll

13-11-2011 Survey: Indonesians killed 750 orangutans in year

09-11-2011 Week of orangutan fun at the zoo

04-11-2011 "Year of the Orangutan" begins at Philly Zoo

04-11-2011 Struggle for survival between Borneos and orangutans for food

28-10-2011 Orangutans party for Halloween